Project 1

Photography & Design
Image of a golf ball on a bamboo tee with text calling out the height of the tee that reads: "2 and 3/4 inch"
Project Overview
The client needed stunning visuals of their products for their website and e-commerce sites. They wanted the designs to help shoppers understand the features of their products.
My Contributions
I created each part of the project from photography, to editing and visual design. My focus was on creating images that would stand out from the pack online, while highlighting the most important features in a clear and appealing way.
Graphic of a hook blade golf grip remover with an image of the tool up close, an image of the tool cutting a golf grip and an image of the tool in a backpack pocket. Text reads: "High-strength carbon steel. Tested to last well over 100 grip removals."
An image of a golf club groove sharpener tool with a close up image and an in-use image of the tool cleaning a golf club groove.
Wedge Guys
Freelance Designer
2020 - 2022

The goal

I wanted to take these golf tools and give them a luxury twist. I focused on using pops of color and high-impact detail shots to showcase their sleek build.

The tools needed to feel durable enough for many rounds of golf while also emphasizing their design features.
A yellow-orange graphic with a bamboo golf tee at the center. Text reads: "PGA Approved. Professionals everywhere prefer Wedge Guys tees," "Made from bamboo. Engineered with strength and durability in mild," "Biodegradable. Keep your favorite course and the planet in top shape," "Stronger than wood. Wedge Guys Tees feature a tensile strength that rivals steel," "100% Satisfaction. 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee with every Wedge Guys Bamboo Golf Tee purchase," "Natural Finish. Avoid scuffing your clubs with our natural wood color lacquer finish."
Photograph of a golf club brush with close up image of brush bristles and text calling out " Wire bristles. Great for cleaning irons.", "Nylon Bristles. Great for cleaning woods.". and "Retractable zipline. Expands 2 ft for easy attachment."
Fan of golf grip tape strips with text reading: "15 2 inch by 10 in premium double sided adhesive grip tape strips."
Photograph of a groove sharpener cleaning the grooves on a golf club.